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THORDON Water Lubricated Bearing System Ships Over 2000 Vessels
- Mar 20, 2018 -

Thordon Bearing has long advocated the use of green technologies to help shipowners reduce operating costs. To date, more than 2,000 ships have installed Thordon Bearing's seawater lubrication bearing system.

In a new report, the company compared the advantages and disadvantages of the oil-lubricated and water-lubricated propellers (purchasing and supplying the supply shafts) and explained how the seawater-lubricated systems can provide significant cost savings for shipowners throughout the ship's life cycle.

CraigCarter, President of Thordon Bearing Marketing and Customer Service, said, “The seawater-lubricated propeller bearing system is currently the only system that can ensure compliance and zero impact on the marine environment without the use of environmentally acceptable lubricants (product library purchase supply) , also does not require regular replacement of the tail seal or lining repair."

According to CraigCarter, with proper monitoring (purchase of supply in the product store), these bearings can be operated for 18 years or longer without the need for daily sample lubrication and no oily residue treatment. This means that the operating cost is significantly lower than the open seawater system.