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The Bearings Are Kept In Good Maintenance For Daily Maintenance
- Mar 02, 2017 -
A, the discharge of friction heat, cooling: the cycle of oil to the oil can be discharged from the heat generated by the friction. Or heat from outside. cool down. To prevent NSK bearing overheating. To prevent the aging of lubricating oil itself. In addition NSK bearing lubrication can also prevent foreign body into the NSK bearing internal, or to prevent rust, corrosion and so on.

B, should always be filled with grease for the universal joint, the season different NSK bearings, the use of grease is not the same, such as the summer should be injected on the third lithium grease, the winter into the second lithium-based grease.

C, to reduce friction and friction: constitute the NSK bearing rings, rolling and holding the contact with each other parts. Prevent metal contact.

D, extended fatigue life: NSK bearing rolling fatigue life, rotation, rolling contact surface lubrication is good, then extended. Conversely, the oil viscosity is low. Lubricant film thickness is not good, then shortened.