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Rotation Support Rotation Is Not Flexible How Well It Is
- Mar 02, 2017 -

1, the new product is not flexible idling. Please check the date of rotation bearing production, if the time is longer than half a year or more, the climate is colder, it is possible that the grease in the raceway is more likely to cause the cold area to run and the winter is more prominent. Exclusion method: after the force can run and no other abnormalities can be used normally; if accompanied by abnormal sound, check the transport process with or without serious trauma, and information feedback I sold the Department of the Ministry of service.

2, after installation is not flexible. May be the host mounting surface and the slewing bearing mounting surface with the poor, resulting in the installation of the slewing ring after the axial clearance can not compensate for the deformation of the slewing ring, slewing ring in a negative gap state, the rolling body in the roller running difficulties sometimes accompanied by abnormal sound , Or the size of the gear meshing bad, or the size of the gear inside the card with foreign matter.