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Bearing Is A Traditional Industry In Xinchang County.
- May 01, 2018 -

Bearing is a traditional industry in Xinchang County. Xinchang Bearing Industry originated in 1969. During the peak period, there were more than 2,000 enterprises and more than 40,000 employees, accounting for one-tenth of Xinchang's total population of 430,000. After more than a few years of development and integration, there are currently more than 800 bearing companies, but there are only 48 companies on the regulations, which is a typical traditional industry dominated by small and medium-sized micro enterprises.

In order to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, the Xinchang County government chose Xinchang Bearing Industry as a pilot project and, through joint efforts with Zhejiang Toutman Zhizao Science and Technology Co., Ltd., proposed the “100 Enterprise Upgrading” activity program for the intelligent manufacturing of Xinchang Bearing Industry.