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  • Single Row Deep Groove Ball Bearings with Snap Ring

    Contact NowSingle Row Deep Groove Ball Bearings with Snap RingSingle Row Deep Groove Ball Bearings With Snap Ring Product Description UTOT precision deep groove ball bearings are designed for high precision, low noise, small vibration, high reliability and long life. They are mainly used in various types of electric motors. They are also EMQ bearings are...Read More

  • Wheel Hub Ball Bearings - 2nd Generation

    Contact NowWheel Hub Ball Bearings - 2nd GenerationWheel Hub Ball Bearings Wheel Bearing Parts Hub bearing sustains the vehicle weight at the same time provides driving safety and comfort by smooth bearing motion. Suitable ruggedness combined with temperature endurance is incorporated into the design. Proper material selection and rigorous QA as...Read More

  • Double Counter Roller Bearings

    Contact NowDouble Counter Roller Bearings Double Counter Roller Bearings Counter Roller Bearings for Metal Flattening Machines. Outer diameters from 58 to 124 mm. Why to choose us? ♥ 1. Bearing with high quality competitive price. ♥ 2. Full sizes to choose. ♥ 3. High speed low noise. ♥ 4. Bearing manufacturer. ♥ 5. Delivery in time. ♥...Read More

  • JUMBO Combined Bearings

    Contact NowJUMBO Combined Bearings JUMBO Combined Bearings The Jumbo adjustable combined bearings represent a special range both for dimensions and technical features. They are used both for big size fork lift masts and for different industrial applications in the following fields: ship, aircraft, steel industry. High load...Read More

  • Fow Row Taper Roller Bearings

    Contact NowFow Row Taper Roller Bearings Four Row Taper Roller Bearings four-row tapered roller bearings are used on the neck of the cylinders, on steel mills in which the speed of milling is moderate. Their construction shape allows them to bear high axial loads, along with radial loads. Therefore they do not need lateral thrust...Read More

  • Double-row Ball Water Pump Bearings - Angular Contact

    Contact NowDouble-row Ball Water Pump Bearings - Angular Contact Double-row Ball Water Pump Bearings - Angular Contact Product Description UTOT Water pump bearings basically consist of standard double row bearings, ball-ball type and ball-roller type. Water pump bearings do not have an inner ring but instead have raceways directly machined into the shaft....Read More

  • Cross Roller Bearings

    Contact NowCross Roller Bearings Cross Roller Bearings Product Description UTOT® Cross Roller Bearings have two kinds. One is Crossed cylindrical roller bearing. Crossed cylindrical roller bearing is one kind of bearing whose rollers are square crossing arranged between outer ring and inner ring. The rollers contact the...Read More

  • High Speed Combined Bearings

    Contact NowHigh Speed Combined Bearings High Speed Combined Bearings Combined bearings for high speed maintain the same technical characteristics as fixed combined bearings. They are provided with bronze cages both in the radial and in the axial part, therefore they can rotate at a high number of revolutions. They are provided also...Read More

  • Adjustable Combined Bearings with Plastic Axial Roller

    Contact NowAdjustable Combined Bearings with Plastic Axial Roller Adjustable Combined Bearings with Plastic Axial Roller Adjustable combined bearings with cap made in plastic material maintain high resistance to the load applied on them, and at the same time have an easy system of adjusting the distance between profile and bearing. The adjusting is made...Read More

  • Adjustable Combined Bearings with Screw

    Contact NowAdjustable Combined Bearings with ScrewAdjustable Combined Bearings with Screw As for the previous series, adjustable combined bearings with steel cap maintain a very high resistance to applied loads, and at the same time, they have an easy system of axial adjusting. Also in this case, the adjusting is made through the shifting of a...Read More

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