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The Main Components Of The Flat Bearing And The Advantages
- Mar 02, 2017 -
Plane needle roller and cage assemblies are the main components of plain needle bearings. The needle roller is held and guided by a radially arranged bag. The retainer profile has a specific shape and is molded with a hardened steel strip. Small size cage made of industrial plastic.

High-precision needle diameter grouping tolerance of 0.002mm, to ensure uniform load distribution. The flat needle roller and cage assemblies are axially guided. In this way, a relatively low peripheral speed can be obtained even at the high speed guide surface.

If the surface of the adjacent part is designed as a raceway surface to save the gasket, a special space-saving support can be obtained. If this program can not be implemented, with sufficient support conditions, the use of thin-walled steel AS series of gaskets can also make the design compact.


As a result of the choice of high-precision cylindrical roller (needle) to increase the contact length, making this bearing in a small space under the high load capacity and high stiffness.

Another advantage is that if the surface of the adjacent part is suitable for the raceway surface, the gasket can be omitted to make the design compact, the cylindrical surface of the DF flat needle roller bearing and the cylindrical cylindrical roller bearing is cylindrical Repair surface, can reduce the edge stress, improve service life.