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Cylindrical Roller Bearing With A Large Radial Load Capacity
- Oct 17, 2017 -

Cylindrical roller bearings usually refers to the radial force, compared with the same size ball bearings, radial load capacity increased by 1.5-3 times, good rigidity, impact resistance, it is particularly suitable for rigid support, and support the short axis, heated Elongation and axial displacement caused by the shaft and the installation of the need to separate the bearing of the machine accessories. Mainly used for large motors, machine tool spindle, engine front and rear support shaft, train bus axle shaft support, diesel crankshaft, car tractor gearbox and so on.

Thrust bearings are four-point angle ball bearings, double row (single row) corner angle ball bearings, two-way thrust cone and cylindrical roller bearings, and recently developed brake roller bearings to force bearings.

Four-point corner bearing, double (single) angular contact ball bearings used as thrust bearings, are not allowed to bear the radial load, so the bearing bore corresponding to the location of the assembly of these bearings, the diameter must be outside the bearing Diameter about 0.5 mm. Or roll diameter is less than the bearing diameter of about 0.5 mm.

For four-point contact ball bearings, the installation of the same type of separation of the circle should not be interchangeable to prevent changes in the factory when the axial clearance.

Two-way thrust tapered roller or two-way thrust cylindrical roller bearings in the middle of the circle, the same type of bearings are not interchangeable to prevent changes in the factory when the axial clearance.

The thrust end of the thrust bearing inner ring must be compacted and axially locked. To avoid its relative rotation in the roll neck, resulting in roller neck with the surface of the wear and tear, burns.

Brake Roller Axial Forces The bearing is axially positioned with two bearing housings and adjusts the axial clearance. When installing the bearing box, make sure that the inner and outer rings of the bearing are in close contact with the inner and outer rings of the main bearing. When fixing the bearing box on both sides in the axial direction of the frame, pay attention to eliminating the axial movement of the bearing box in the direction of the shaft end in the process of introducing the bearing box on both sides into the rack.

Cylindrical roller bearings are usually guided by two ribs of a bearing ring. The cage, roller and guide ferrule form an assembly that separates from another bearing ring and is separable. This kind of bearing installation, disassembly more convenient, especially when the requirements of the outer ring and shaft, the shell is the interference with the more shows its advantages; such bearings are generally only used to bear the radial load, only the inner and outer Both single-row bearings with ribs can withstand smaller, constant axial loads or larger intermittent axial loads. The bearings have a large radial load capacity compared to deep groove ball bearings of the same size. But with such bearings with the shaft, shell holes and other related parts of the processing requirements are higher.