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Unidirectional bearing slopes and roller design
- Mar 02, 2017 -

The slope and roller type one-way clutch are basically composed of a cylindrical inner diameter outer ring, a sloped inner ring and a set of rollers which are respectively subjected to spring force and are in close contact with the inner and outer rings, respectively. As long as the rotation of one of the raceways in the direction of its movement affects the other, this arrangement essentially ensures the immediacy of transcending speed and ensures immediate drive capability.

The use of this type of one-way clutch can be suitable for a variety of environments beyond, indexing and reverse use. When used as a one-way clutch, the ramp-type one-way clutch will be installed in this way, that is, the outer ring as a transcendental component. This is very important for high speed transcendence. In the use of the inner ring, the centrifugal force acting on the roller will result in a beyond speed. When used as an anti-one-way clutch, the only one-way clutch that rotates the inner ring is suitable for a relatively low speed. If the required speed is higher than the recommended speed, it is recommended to use a wedge type one-way clutch.