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The life of the mill bearing and the main failure form
- Mar 02, 2017 -

In view of the discrete characteristics of the bearing life of the rolling mill in Suzhou, the main goal of improving the bearing life of the rolling mill should be to reduce the early fatigue in the use of the rolling mill bearing. The bearing life of the mill is compatible with the life of the host and the overhaul cycle of the host. As the use of rolling mill bearings in different areas, the host of the mill bearing performance requirements vary widely, so the mill bearing life will have different types, such as fatigue life, precision life, high reliability life. For the most widely used field of the host, then the fatigue life of the mill for the bearing life of the basic requirements.

A large number of application practices and life experiments have shown that rolling mill bearing failure mostly contact surface fatigue.

The life of the mill bearing and the main failure form

As the rolling mill bearing under the load rotation, respectively, in the rolling body and the inner ring rolling (groove) and the outer ring rolling (groove) rolling contact, the resulting contact stress for the repeated alternating stress on the roller mill bearings, along The stress distribution of the contact line is not uniform, and when the rotation occurs, both ends will produce significant stress concentration. Alternating stress of the cycle of the role of the contact surface of the matrix to produce tissue changes, after a certain period of time, there are flaky particles from the surface peeling, the formation of Ma Hang or pitting. ISO25243-2004 The fatigue is listed in the first of the six common failure modes of the mill bearing, and the fracture in the sixth place is also known as fatigue fracture during the formation process. Typical fatigue failure is divided into secondary surface origin and surface origin type.