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Bearing the use of a number of phenomena
- Mar 02, 2017 -

First, the speed is too high, the general TYN cage bearings are in the low speed, within 3000 rpm with the more appropriate, the limit speed is 5000 rpm, to reach the ultimate speed of the bearing is basically can not be used, for this major machine Factory engineers in the design of the machine should be the normal operation of the machine when the speed and the machine at the highest speed on the first consideration of the location, to avoid the machine because the machine speed is too high and the bearing can not reach its speed damage phenomenon;

Second, with the concentric degree of the relationship with the axis.

Third, the rear bearing with too tight, not free to stretch, resulting in bearing the temperature rise faster, according to the rear bearing and shaft with the degree of adjustment, too tight likely to cause the bearing temperature is too high, the bearing burned phenomenon, too loose There is a gap between the bearing and the shaft, resulting in disconnection.