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Bearing on the bearing industry to introduce the status quo!
- Mar 02, 2017 -

1. bearing fake flooding

Fake has been the cornerstone of China's economic development, the United States and its name to follow the example of Japan and South Korea, because the earliest Japanese economy is relying on fake and shoddy products sold to Europe and the United States and other regions to achieve the take-off, and then upgrade the manufacturing industry to lay the status of the current manufacturing power; South Korea to follow the example of Japan, the manufacture of cottage products, such as cars (Korean Hyundai car is also H, Baidu know), electronic products (Samsung black), and so on, is also sold to Europe and the United States, open the market after the industrial upgrade The The current flood of Chinese bearings fake, after the gold foreign trade did not enter the industry after the upgrade period, turn to the malicious competition, mutual slander counterparts, competing to lower the selling price, and repeatedly challenge the quality of the bottom line of bearings.

2. Sales companies have doubled in recent years

With the development of the Internet, the network bearing sales companies continue to appear, especially in the Yangtze River Delta Pearl River Delta and other economically developed areas, the company more than 23 years to set up, no specific business address to the site as the main means of sales. In fact, these companies are some early companies set up branch offices or internal staff job-hopping, the general strength is weak, high risk of selling fake.