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Bearing five steps to teach you to clean roller bearings
- Mar 02, 2017 -

The first step: naturally the first to remove the wheels from the shoe, and some are as long as the side of the hexagon, and some need to use both sides of the two hexagon reverse rotation removed

The second step: because the middle of the wheel in the middle of the wheel there are two forms, so some need to use a special tool or a wooden pencil to its top; another sleeve only with the hexagon along the bearing wall While the pry out of it can be

Step 3: Remove the bearing cover. Generally we usually use a C-ring bearings, this bearing easy to disassemble, but the dust effect is slightly worse, find a needle will C ring pick out the bearing cover can be removed, the general lazy words that can be removed The. There is also a closed bearing cover, this bearing only the use of a destructive way to remove the bearing cover using a knife and tip pliers to remove the bearing cover, as long as the bearing does not hurt the ball, this bearing only Demolition side, because the need to install the wheel when the side is good on the outside.